Prom Queen


- Where are you?” Gerta asked frightened, coughing up smoke

- In Hypnosis, I replied relaxed and turned off the phone

A feast during the plague. People were tired of being afraid and hiding, tired of hiding their thoughts and desires. A period of unrestrained merriment had begun. A time when everyone forgot about security and checking all the locks before going to bed. A time when one wanted to run across rooftops and shout obscene things to people walking down the wet asphalt. It a time to throw stones.

- They knew everything, but they didn’t do anything, didn’t even try, a teenager I let into the backyard of our bar after he ran away from his classmates told me

School is socialization, preparation for great responsibility, first real friendships, first love, basic knowledge, and the pain that can break a little person. I never look back on my school years with nostalgia and a slight smile, my school years were terrible, obviously. Nor will this boy think of how wonderful and carefree his school years were. He has been physically and emotionally abused by his classmates and other kids at school for 2 years now. He is different. It’s enough to make him a victim among his classmates. His parents work hard, fall asleep on the go, and are constantly trying to spend less money this month so they have something left over for next month. They have a lot of problems. They don’t see his problem. The school teachers see his problem, but they keep quiet. Because the learning process is more important to them. Because they don’t care. Because they’re entertained by school dramas, it brightens up their dull, gray lives somehow. This is Sparta. Kids come to school and in addition to processing new knowledge, they are trying to survive, trying not to fall into the caste of those who will be bullied, sometimes they become the ones who are bullied, just to avoid becoming a victim. The school world is spinning, everyone is busy minding their own business, and then when a teenager comes to his school with a gun and shoots everyone who gets in his way, we wonder how that could have happened? This boy was so quiet and obedient, wasn’t he ever even seen in bad company at all? I don’t believe it. Play it real.

- It’s like your favorite boombox song loud and intriguing, but bitch at 5 a.m. under your windows and also in the rain, Max said with despair and stared wistfully at the parking lot, trying to seem to mentally erase that very memory

Plagiarizing genius. All geniuses are geeks because only hysteria can create chaos that will turn the world upside down. Not from bad to good and not back again. I have sought to understand my inner nature because all other methods of befriending it have failed. The Moon in Aries, when you need total freedom and immediate results, and if it is not there, the goal is forgotten the minute and goes into the attic of the unnecessary. People fear conflict because it destroys because it represents an ending, usually an unpleasant ending. In fact, conflict is away, to know the other person’s boundaries, to know your own boundaries, to get away from the opposite, to allow yourself to be different, to allow the other to manifest itself. Conflict is growth. Internal or external, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how you solve it. Walking away from conflict is a childish position, and if you’re still in a childish position, what kind of growth are you waiting for?

- He’s my best friend, said a beautiful inspiring woman who I admired from point to point.

Cheating is disrespectful. If there is no respect, any relationship is a failure. A best friend can’t cheat. A best friend will come to you and tell you that the spark is gone, that he (she) wants to try new things, that he (she) may want to leave. A best friend will not put you in a position where you have to fight already with the result, not with the cause. When you made the decision to be in an open relationship after your partner notified you of his cheating, it’s not a mutual decision. You’re just trying not to be a loser, you’re trying to convince yourself and those around you that it’s your decision too. What you’re really trying to do is not lose where you’ve already lost. Losing is unpleasant. But it’s impossible to take first place when you came in tenth. Maybe the next time you train better, you’ll be standing on that podium with flowers and accepting congratulations. But not today. It’s not your fault. If you let yourself be manipulated and took over someone else’s game, it’s your fault. It’s never too late to stop playing someone else’s game.

If there are pluses, there are certainly minuses. The more light on one side, the thicker the darkness on the other. Banana Yoshimoto



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