- I can’t eat as much as I want to throw up, said the talented witness to universal self-satisfaction.

Stockholm syndrome. When you are deprived of your identity and you associate yourself with a rapist. If you remove the rational component of our consciousness, we are cavemen who need a leader. It’s not about age, it’s about intellectual development. The louder the news of danger from the outside, the stupider the people inside. Fear crowds out intelligence, logic, analysis, joy. The more the country is shut down, the harsher the repression inside. Your choice, Salazar Slytherin or Godric Gryffindor?

A youtube news channel showed a video of the husband and several of his friends and relatives storming the shelter where his wife was hiding from the beatings. More than a dozen furious men ransacked the small, modest apartment where the women, already physically and moreover psychologically traumatized, were hiding, frightened to death. They were only interested in one of them, who disappeared without a trace after this attack. No investigation. No search. There is only the fact that this poor woman turned out to be a thing in the hands of powerful men who took her away like a once accidentally forgotten purse, or something much less valuable and simply returned it to themselves. The law? You are so ridiculous. The only weapon of self-defense that offers any hope is the internet and social media. If you’re in a position to create a public outcry, the law will probably be on your side. If not, no one cares whether you’re alive or not.

- When he kills you, then come back, said the young bald-headed police officer and closed the door

- Great suggestion, Alice replied and sat down on the steps in front of the police station, she had no choice but to just go back there

I walked into the room, where a tall, statuesque blonde woman was leaning on the table. Really? I thought at first. And then she turned around and I saw her eyes. You may or may not understand. But our eyes are different. The eyes of those who were able to escape. My boss at the bar where I worked once told me that I had the eyes of an adult woman, even though I was nineteen. She didn’t know how to articulate what was in my eyes. When I saw Alice, I knew. I didn’t even need to hear her story, it didn’t matter. She was smiling her white expensive smile and telling some kind of joke. Jealousy was never on my list of used emotions. I never understood that feeling. You have to deal with problems as they come. Cheating has happened, make a decision. Not yet, then what’s the point of thinking about it? It’s like being afraid of an earthquake, it could happen, it could happen any minute, it could happen in a second, but you’re not sitting under the table waiting for a jolt from the underworld. If so, you’re a strange person. Jealousy is one of the biggest causes of domestic violence, often gratuitous jealousy. The person may not talk to you for hours or days, may throw tantrums on the spot, or may take you out to the woods and chop your hands off. Based on a true story.

For hours the girl screamed and fought for her life as hard as she could. Neighbors from her house listened to this horror and tried to call the police. But when they did, it turned out that no one was interested in the fact that this girl might die soon. There were no officers available to come to the call. Lunch. Break. Indifference. For several hours the girl begged for someone to come to her aid. Unable to endure the spectacle, the neighbors decided to break down the door to the apartment where the brutal murder was taking place at that moment. They didn’t make it in time. When they got into the apartment, the girl was no longer alive. She was waiting for help, she was fighting for her life, she was very young and she believed that she would be saved because it was impossible to even imagine another scenario. She died. The police officers were reprimanded and the murderer was given an undertaking not to leave the country. Based on true events.

- Where is he now? I asked Alice while we were smoking on the balcony.

- He disappeared, the police are still looking for him, but there are no results, Alice answered, blowing rings of smoke and admiring the bright red sunset.

- You see, says the dragon, you can not attack the dragon and just leave, the dragon is alive, she is a person and she loves to fight very much, I quoted a quote from the author unknown to me and put out my cigarette on the iron railing of the balcony

Umberto Eco’s 14 Signs of Fascism. Cult of tradition. Traditionalism leads to an aversion to modernism. The cult of “action for action’s sake.” No form of syncretism can bear criticism. Dissent is a sign of dissent. Reliance on the middle class. To that class on the brink of poverty, Fascism says that the fact of being born in this great country is a great advantage. The enemy is portrayed as powerful, yet weak. There is no struggle for life, there is life for the sake of struggle. Elitism is typical in the sense that it is aristocratic. Everyone is raised to be a hero. Permanent war and heroism are complex games, so fascism wants to take over the sexual sphere. Fascism is built on quality populism. Fascism speaks in Newspeak.

A young girl is put in jail for drawing a woman’s naked body, while at a time when progress seemed completely invisible from our point of view, the greatest artists were drawing naked female bodies and this was called art, now it is the spread of pornography. 100 steps back. The pattern doesn’t change. We are alive as long as we are alive in others. As long as there is emotion, as long as there is memory, as long as there is fleeting laughter, as long as there is love, as long as there is someone to speak of us. We are alive in these lines. We are dragons.

Every little thing gains value when the main thing loses its meaning. Frederic Beigbeder



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